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Personalized Vineyard Tour & Biodynamic Farming Demonstration

We invite you and yours to a wine tour and tasting at Farrm Vineyards. We’ll begin with wine tasting on the deck or in the house. Next, we’ll explore the beautiful vineyard to learn about our unique winemaking process. To provide a personalized experience, tours are limited to one group at a time. Please call for tour availability. 


Sheep Sheering 101

Sheep shearing is the process of removing the woollen fleece of a sheep. Sheep are unable to naturally shed. The shearer, or person who removes the sheep’s wool, gently and expertly shears our sheep to avoid matting, overheating, and numerous other problems. Typically, we shear each adult sheep once a year.

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S h e e p S h e a r i n g

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S p e c i a l E v e n t s


Special Events at Farrm Vineyard

Annually, we host many events open to the public. From harvesting our grapes and other farm produce to sheep shearing, live music, and more. If you’re considering visiting the beautiful East End of Long Island, view our events calendar and join us for an upcoming event (or two!).