Rex Farr tending to his vineyard on his tractor.

Rex Farr tending to his vineyard.

Farrm Wine was created by Rex and Connie Farr. Together they set out to have the first organic and biodynamic farm on Long Island. The land was purchased in 1984 in Calverton. No chemicals were used on it since 1985 and it was certified organic in 1990.

For over 15 years the Farrm produced organic vegetables, berries and herbs for some of the best restaurants and chefs in New York City and Long Island. The list included Elaine’s, David Boule, Nick + Toni’s, the American Hotel and many more.

They planted their initial grape vines in 2005 and sold their their first harvest five years later. According to Rex they have made every mistake concieveable, but the trial and error was worth it. They are proud to produce a product that is both highly regarded among fellow vinters and one that adheres to their values of giving back to the earth.